The challenges of every year

Every year is a challenge, that of being able to bet once again on being able to create an ancient music festival with very few economic resources available that can project Sassari into the international dimension it deserves.

This year the festival also opens up to the territory by decentralizing a concert in the beautiful Romanesque church of Our Lady of Patience in Uri. This is a novelty that also allows you to get to know less frequented but very fascinating places. This experience becomes "lighter" every year because it is increasingly supported by the solidarity and sharing of our enthusiastic public. Thanks to you, to the emails we receive, we realize how necessary it is for the City to have a different scope that improves the quality of life and allows socialization and, not negligible, fuels the local economy.

In short, we are happy and proud to succeed again this year, confident that your support will not be lacking.

This year the inaugural concert will be entrusted to Cipriana Smarandescu and Andrea Riderelli, welcome returns and teachers of our Academy of ancient music named after the musicianCristóbal Galán.

The program dedicated to wine is also of refined tastedetuning technique by the violinist Attilio Motzo accompanied by the harpsichordist Alessandra Artifoni and the lutenist Calogero Sportato. The concert will be decentralized in Uri at the Our Lady of Patience church.

The Collegium pro musica's “O happy eyes mine” program is areading-concert built around the myth of Narcissus, where they intertwine into a unique piece of music, words and images. Stefano Bagliano on the flutes Andrea Coen on the harpsichord will be the fabric on which Mariagrazia Liberatoscioli's story is woven to create the entire palette of feelings.

The concert by Tommaso Luison and Willelm Peerik focuses on popular melodies and the use of the "scordatura" technique. An original journey around Europe entitled “Venice, the Adriatic and
Central Europe” A multiplicity of styles between scordatura, devotion and popular music between the 17th and 18th centuries, enriched by the sound of the baroque violin and harpsichord.

The concert of the Santa Cecilia Choir will be divided into two parts, the Monteverdian premiere will feature the voice of soprano Valentina Satta accompanied on the theorbo by Calogero Sportato, both teachers of our ancient music academy named after the musician Cristòbal Galán. The second part is the Magnificat by Francesco Durante directed by Matteo Taras.

The festival concludes with a concert by the Dolci Accenti ensemble which offers unpublished sonatas for flute and continuous bass. The manuscript of Naples by the composer Stulichi is interpreted by the transverse flute of Jana Bitti accompanied by the theorbo, archlute and guitar by Calogero Sportato and by the viola da gamba by Daniele Cernuto.

Naturally, like every year, our attention is paid to young talents. Two masterclasses on violin, baroque violin and harpsichord will be dedicated to them, held by Tommaso Luison and Willelm Peerik. Another training event will be in collaboration with the Mousikè association and JSBACH.IT, an Italian Bach company. A conference entitled “J.S. Bach from Lute to Guitar” held by Renata Arlotti, guitar,  Maria Borghesi, musicologist and Calogero Sportato lute.

And now all we have to do is immerse ourselves in the sound dimension and let the emotions that music evokes pass through us, suspend our worries and return to our routines with a regenerated spirit. Daniele Cernuto artistic director


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